We offer more than just Tracking

Tracko assists with ingenious tracking and intelligent support for optimizing the efficiency of your assets

  • Live Tracking & Playback
    Real time location tracking of your assets with history playback

  • Over Speed, Mileage & Stay Reports
    Notification for over speed & Stay of vehicle Assistance for mileage calculation control

  • Vehicle & Driver Management
    Store all of your fleet's & driver's document on finger tips when the vehicle enters

  • Vehicle Maintenance Reminders
    Never miss your vehicle's maintenance due date & keep vehicle running healthy

  • Geo Fence & Trip Management
    Create own fences & routes to track vehicle trips

  • Grouping & Access Management
    Segmenting vehicles & role based access for better control/operation

  • Vehicle Expense Management
    Maintain & analyse expenses of individual vehicles like fuel, servicing and even tyre puncture

  • Mobile App Notifications,SMS & Email
    Stay updated with all the action of fleet over web & mobile app with SMS & Email notifications

Are your assets secure?

Tracko has everything you need to secure your assets. Get the best for your assets and protect them to maximize your ROI

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